Lampshades For your Home

My lampshades are adorned with real foliage. This foliage is prepared and then laminated to the lampshades, using a process I developed and is done by hand. Every lampshade is unique, no two are ever the same. Your lampshade will give you years of pleasure.

Placement Options

Placement options apply to all style components.

Left to right: Top, Center, Bottom, Slant, Random, Horizontal, Vertical

Style Components

These lampshades can be designed with a combination of different elements; Foliage, Brazilian Agates, and Pheasant Feathers. Creativity is encouraged in your combinations.


Foliage Selection

Additional selections are intermittently available.

Left to right: Sumac, White Oak, Ginko, Amur Maple, Variegated Maple (limited supply), Silver Maple,
Crown Maple, Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Red Oak, Cedar


Brazilian Agates & Pheasant Feathers


Special Designs

Left to Right: Framed, Wave, Vertical, Banded, Stacked

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